Company History

Cabilfrut or “fruit from Cabildo” is a family company that was born in 1989 as the result of a project developed by persons with more than 45 years’ experience in the farming district of Cabildo, Fifth Region of Chile.

Cabildo Fruit

During that year, while the boom of the exports of nectarines and grapes emerged, the founders of the company developed an interesting investigation that eventually showed also promising expectations for the commercialization and exports of the avocado, fruit that was produced in the place and was only destined for the internal consumption.

In this way, the public limited company that gave life to Cabilfrut S.A. was born. This is a company that, from its very beginning, centered its activity in the production, commercialization and exports of avocados, mainly to the USA.

Currently, in addition to this fruit, the company also produces, commercializes and exports citrus species (lemons, oranges and clementines), managing its own production and the one of more than 200 growers in an area that exceeds the 3.000 Ha.

Cabilfrut success is due to the high quality of its products and procedures – well known by the demanding international markets-, to the exceptional climate conditions of the zone where the avocados are produced, and to the proximity to the port of Valparaiso that facilitates its shipment. This success has enabled Cabilfrut to open its business to the various international markets.

With shipments that currently exceed the 900 thousand cases of avocados and about 400 thousand cases of other fruits every season, the company has conquered the important markets of North America, Europe, Asia, Argentina and Latin America. More over, it currently supplies our country through a broad distribution net, such as supermarkets and the wholesale market.


Developing the Avocado Market

The important role Cabilfrut has performed especially in the Chilean avocado market, day after day motivates the company to continue contributing to the development of this fruit in Chile and in the world. Due to this, Cabilfrut S.A. is part of the Chilean Avocado Imports Association (CAIA), the first association that agglutinates American avocado importers and Chilean exporters with the aim to develop, contract, supervise, assess and make effective all the Chilean avocado promotion campaign in the United States.

Likewise, it became one of the founder members of the Board of Directors of Avocado Growers and Exporters Committee, a non-profitable organization whose main purpose is to promote the Chilean Hass Variety Avocado in the country and abroad, fostering the research studies and bringing about the opening of new markets.

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