Our Producers

Cabilfrut counts with more than 200 small, medium and large-scale fruit growers, in an area that exceeds the 3.000 Ha. The reliability deposited by them in the work of the company has been the foundation of its development and has enabled it to count with quality products in the various international markets with excellent revenues and profits.

support, training and assistance

In order to do so, the company bases itself in the continuous support, training and technical assistance, that provides without discrimination amongst its various growers, from the very first steps of the fruit processing, to the arrival of the same to the final consumer.

Since the company business is focused towards the benefit of those who trust in it, Cabilfrut understands the relationship with its growers as a joint work developed in a transparent and reciprocal way.

In this dual relationship with its growers and because the objectives are oriented to the mutual benefit, the company has a especial concern for those who are small, to whom, apart of supporting them, the company is always open to give funding alternatives, fundamental issue for the joint development of its business.



The real importance the growers have for Cabilfrut has defined an excellent relationship based on the mutual trust and that counts with a wide flexibility in the procedures and agreements to fulfill its aims.

In this way, Cabilfrut’s development is only possible if allied with the growers it works with, which have enable it to raise an important image through the products of well known quality and certified in the most demanding international markets.

The outstanding features of this beneficial relationship between Cabilfrut and its growers will undoubtedly be strong enough to jointly overcome challenges the global industry will impose in the short, medium and long term, in terms of promotion, development of new markets and the adherence to the legislation that rules the trade exchange amongst countries.