Company Why Prefer Us

Because We...

  • Provide reliability and safety to growers and dealers due to the high quality of our service.
  • Have the expertise in the service we provide. We have the experience of persons that have worked for more than 45 years in the farming production and commercialization, we vastly know the business and we know the way to provide the best benefits and satisfaction to our growers and dealers.
  • Feel passion for our work. This encourages us to seek for new and better markets in the world, in addition to attractive and convenient products, based on the new trends of the global consumption.
  • Create an alliance with Quality. Growers are our allies and we are their permanent technical advisors in the fight to conquer the various markets with fresh products of the highest quality, since all the processes count with international quality certification; from their harvest to their arrival to final destination.
  • Make possible a more expedite and closer approach of our growers with the market requirements. We develop a serious and efficient commercialization work that reduces the intermediate contacts that slow down the business and make it more expensive at the same time.
  • Have a strategic location and an excellent logistics system. This reduces the costs, decreases the transportation times and permits to properly control the cold chain that assures the excellent quality of the products until their arrival to the final destination.
  • Develop scale economies that benefit growers and dealers, with an efficient commercial management that maximizes prices and volumes.
  • Do our utmost to build a profitable business for everybody, not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term.