Products Quality

For the development of a farming industry aligned with the demanding international standard qualities, Chile counts with the geographical advantage to be located between a mountain range and the ocean.

Differentiating Advantage

This differentiating advantage is based on the fact that the Andes and the Pacific Ocean become natural phytosanitary barriers that avoid the free access of plagues and diseases which are regular obstacles in other productive areas. The continuous protection, which is one of the benefits granted by these barriers, significantly decreases the use of agrochemicals, thus enabling more natural and healthier products.

Another benefit of these natural barriers is that they favor an exceptional climate for fruit production, with a high adaptability for the development and growing of various fruit species, especially in the central valley. The planting areas count with an atmosphere free of polluting agents and with abundant sun, which provide a brightness and temperature fundamental for the production of fruits of high quality and gauge.

Notwithstanding the above, these natural barriers would not be enough if the quality of the fruit is not assured all along the chain, from the farming site to the final consumer. For this reason, Cabilfrut not only counts with modern technologies for production and the post harvest, packing and cooling processes, but also with professionals and technicians with expertise in the industry.


The Good Farming Practices

In order to leverage this strength, the company has developed a training plan for its growers called The Good Farming Practices (BPA). This is a program implemented in 1998 by a group of leaders in the industry that combines the most rigorous North American quality requirements (USGAP) and the European ones (EUREPGAP), regarding the production processes and transportation of agricultural origin food products.

EUREPGAP is the collection of Good Farming Practices protocols created by a group of European distribution chain. Both, EUREPGAP and USGAP gather the nutritional safety requirements demanded by the markets in Europe and in USA, related to the accomplishment of innocuous products generated by a system that produces the less environmental impact possible and, at the same time, protects the good working conditions of the workers.


The compliance with this complex protocol in nutritional safety that involves all the production and commercialization process of the products, makes possible that Cabilfrut be recognized as a company that unrestrictedly respect the international regulations, and that the fruit it commercializes and exports is duly certified both in its quality and healthiness.