Products Development

The introduction of Cabilfrut S.A. in 1989 has had a very important participation in the accelerated development of the province of Petorca, and specifically in the district of Cabildo, since as from that year, the company started the production, commercialization and exports of avocado to the United States. Currently, in addition to this fruit, the company also produces, commercializes and exports citric species (lemons, oranges and clementines), pomaceous species (pears and apples) and kiwis, managing its own production and the one of more than 200 growers in an area that exceeds the 3.000 Ha.

Good Projections

Although the more than XXXXX thousand cases of Hass Variety Avocado that the company commercializes nowadays still keep North America as their main destination, during the last years the Argentinean and European markets have been developed with very good projections, and with attractive prices for the producer.

The shipments of the other fruit products that Cabilfrut commercializes every season currently exceed the XXXX thousand cases. In the case of the citrus fruits, about the 90% is destined to Asia, being Japan the main buyer of lemons and this country keeps on increasing its shipments by a 50% every year. Regarding summer fruits, such as pears, apples and kiwis, the main destination markets are north, south and central America, Europe and the Far East.

In addition, Cabilfrut supplies our country through a vast distribution net, such as supermarkets and wholesale market.


The Success Cabilfrut

The success Cabilfrut has reached is based on the high quality and international certification of the products it exports. Notwithstanding the above, the fundamental factor is its efficiency in the commercialization of the same. The deep knowledge of the global market it possesses permits an excellent management in shipping the products to the most convenient markets for growers, both in commercial terms and in the seasonal terms, according to the seasons of the year.

This excellence in the service that Cabilfrut provides to its growers, will keep on developing a promising business, which undoubtedly will incorporate new products and will continue conquering new and convenient markets in the future.