Company Staff

Cabilfrut S.A. is formed by Agriculturists, Commercial Engineers, specialized technicians and seasonal workers. All of them are highly trained and qualified to provide the best service to the more than two hundred small, medium and large scale growers who entrust their products to the company.

Development Engine

Cabilfrut has become the engine of the development in the zone where it is located, and in all through the province of Petorca, Fifth Region on Chile. Nowadays, it is the second greater employer in Cabildo, providing direct employment to more than 200 persons in the region.

Cabilfrut’s policies regarding its personnel are based on a constant concern for the welfare and training of the staff. Proof of this is that about the 20% of them work for the company from its very start and most of them have been professionally trained and have acquired experience in their jobs along the years working for the company.

The investment in the safety and welfare of the personnel has guided Cabilfrut through the development of various policies that, in addition to directly benefit the workers, permit the accomplishment of the strict regulations the international market demands, and at the same time to guaranty the quality of the service that the growers who entrust the commercialization of their products to Cabilfrut need.


Certification of Competences

Thus Cabilfrut, together with important entities such as Fundación Chile and the Exporters Association, implemented the Certification of Competences, a particular system to officially recognize its workers’ trades, with which it is possible to:

  • Duly recognize the competences of its personnel in their various trades, disregarding the way they acquired it.
  • Increase the competitiveness and entrepreneurial productivity through the persons.
  • Identify the knowledge, abilities and attitudes needed to improve the offer and training of the workers, leveraging the formation of efficient human resources necessary for the farming companies as well as for the productive development of the country.
  • Comply with the international standards (EUREPGAP), which demand a responsible attitude regarding the health and safety of the farming workers that process the products to be exported.