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The main Cabilfrut’s exports product is the Hass Variety Avocado whose main markets are North America, Europe and Argentina. In the last years the business has expanded, including the citrus species (lemons and oranges).


The main destination of citrus fruits is Asia, being Japan its strongest buyer. This country keeps on increasing its shipments every year. As far as summer fruits are concerned, the main markets are the North, South and Central America, Europe and the Far East.

In each of these destinations, Cabilfrut products are recognized for their high quality, counting with the certification imposed by the demanding international markets. This has been possible through the compliance with the Nature Choice, EUREPGAP and USGAP protocols agreed upon in 1998 by the leaders in the farming industry, that establish the quality standards according to the international regulations through the application of the Good Farming Practices (BPA) in the production processes.


Hass Avocado

The Chilean Hass avocado is recognized as being a complete and balanced food of good and soft taste. If its oil percentage is above the 9% it assures the best of the tastes for the consumer. The thick skin of the Hass avocado which is taken off very easily and its very small pit enable a good use of the fruit, unlike the other varieties whose skin is smoother and the pit is bigger.

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Citrus Fruits

This fruit is rich in vitamin C which strengthens the immunologic system helping to prevent and cure colds and throat aches. It also contains high doses of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Lemon is very beneficial for the blood circulation; it decreases the cholesterol and the hypertension. Some healing properties have been recognized as it can stimulate the pancreas and liver functions.

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