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Hass Avocado

The Chilean Hass avocado is recognized as being a complete and balanced food of good and soft taste. If its oil percentage is above the 9% it assures the best of the tastes for the consumer. The thick skin of the Hass avocado which is taken off very easily and its very small pit enable a good use of the fruit, unlike the other varieties whose skin is smoother and the pit is bigger.

The usual harvest period for exports Hass avocado is from the month of August to the beginning of January, period that extends for the local market sales. At the harvest, the consistency of the fruit is firm and has a rough skin of green color. When this fruit is commercialized, the avocado has already got a black color and the pulp has turned green-yellowish like.

Up to this date, Cabilfrut has exported more than 900 thousand cases of avocado mainly to the North American market besides the Argentinean and European ones. Exports are supported in their phytosanitary aspects by the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture through the Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero (SAG) (Agricultural and Cattle Raising Service), whose prestige is recognized at international levels, and it also participates in joint revisions with its peers in USA and Japan.


A Healthy Product

The main quality of the regular consumption of Hass avocado is that by the action of the mono-unsaturated oils it contains, significantly reduces the bad cholesterol indexes in the blood, thus effectively contributing to the decrease of the cardiovascular diseases.

In addition of this benefit, a number of studies indicates that the avocado contains, in more quantities than in any other fruit, vitamin E, folic acid, and magnesium and it is the third in dietary fiber. It also contains 12 of the 13 vitamins existing in foods as well as other minerals as calcium, iron and phosphorus.